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Today is Your DayI am proud to announce the release of a new book: Today Is YOUR Day!

It’s a project I have been working on with 50 other dedicated coaches – each of us contributed a chapter -- which means you get the best of our thinking and advice for life and professional success all in one book!

In my chapter, entitled “I Was Coached by A Horse!  Her Six Steps for Building Better Relationships”, I share my remarkable journey with a lead mare named Yani.  You’ll read about the six keys she taught me about relationships, both in and beyond organizations.

What brought us together as a group to write this book is our common commitment to provide tools and support that will help others realize their goals and dreams. We want to provide as many people as possible with this amazing opportunity to benefit from being... Personally Coached by 51 Coaches!

Are You Ready to:

  • Discover what it takes to live an Extraordinary Life?
  • Reclaim Your Health?
  • Eliminate Clutter, Chaos and Confusion?
  • Learn how to create True Partnerships?
  • Breakthrough to Unleash Your Potential?
  • Make Life Easier?

We tackle each of these topics and so much more!

Learn valuable life lessons & strategies from those who have walked the path ahead of you.  Through their candid sharing and knowledgeable guidance you will find invaluable tips for living in today’s world with grace and ease.

You're holding in your hand a book of wisdom, from over fifty amazing coaches and teachers, derived directly from their hands-on experience. They're here to help you make TODAY Your DAY.

Inside, you'll discover powerful ideas and strategies that will impact your life tremendously, and all for the better. I recommend reading this book more than once -- and reading it with a highlighter or a pen in hand.  —Mike Litman, #1 Best-Selling Author of Conversations with Millionaires

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