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Building Relationships You Can Count On – through Leadership Development

Invest in Your Most Valuable Resource –Your People!

You know that getting the best from your key people is vital to staying ahead. The problem is you don't have the time, you may not think you have the skill, and you want to bring in an expert to help you get results fast.

Organizations who invest in leadership development consistently record higher profitability than companies that don’t. Let us help you develop the skills of your team!

LEAPLeadership Advantage will build customized leadership development programs based on the culture of your organization, your objectives and the current skill sets of your leaders.

“Thank you for a dynamic experience. Your approach really allowed us to be…us. Whether it was someone sharing an experience with the group, allowing the group to have some fun and joke around or answering our questions as you set up the next program, you let us share and ask questions at what seemed like our pace. I learned so many helpful things about myself and had an absolutely fantastic time with my colleagues. This program and you are both excellent.” - Leadership Program Participant - Director, Large Regional Health Insurer

We Help You With:

  • Emotional Intelligence: Relationships form the foundations that are the real support for the bottom line. It’s important to recognize the presence and usefulness of emotions, how those emotions can help us and what happens if we don’t work with them skillfully. We focus on what you need to understand about yourself to improve your ability to be heard and inspire others to action.
  • Performance Under Pressure™: What responses these extraordinary times require and how to improve in the areas of leadership, organizational and customer capabilities.
  • Stress Management: How to recognize and respond to organizational and individual stress (including survivor’s guilt) to jump-start productivity.
  • Conflict Management: We teach your team members communication skills that allow for creative self-expression and accelerated team effort.
  • Bridge-Building Persuasion: How to inspire others to follow your leadership.
  • Trust-building: How to create an environment of authenticity, trust, cooperation, and creative productivity.
  • Change Leadership: Help managers deal with change on a personal level, then move on to lead the efforts within the organization.
  • Team-building: Teams learn how to build on team successes of the past, current strengths, and plan for what’s possible in the future.
  • Project Management: We focus on the skills needed to organize a project and guide others to its completion.
  • Innovation: Creative, fun and fruitful brainstorming that yields fresh and viable ideas.


LEAPLeadership Advantage Team Building – Building a cohesive unit that utilizes the talents of all and aligns them with a purpose that propels them to achievement. Develop teams that are committed to and capable of Great Work. Every team facilitation session is custom-built for the team, and the sessions are focused, interactive, provocative and fun.

LEAPLeadership Advantage Change Leadership – Help managers deal with change on a personal level, then move on to lead the efforts within the organization. We smooth the path.

LEAPLeadership Advantage Star Maker – We help that talented and highly motivated team member develop the skills that make him/her more productive and effective.

“Your program ’Leading in Extraordinary Times’ was an excellent contribution to our conference last week. We received many positive reactions to your program - we all got a lot out of it!” - Mike Lewis, Boral Industries, Corporate Vice President, Human Resources


  • Boral Industries
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC
  • Accenture Financial
  • Maersk
  • Key Risk Management Services
  • McKinsey and Company
  • UBS
  • Christ Church U.S.A.
  • State Farm Insurance
  • Ametek
  • U.S. Navy
  • Sierra Club
  • City of Westminster CO
  • …and many more

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Invest In Your Future: Learn to Build a Bridge to Others with the LEAPLeadership Advantage Bridging to Others Programs

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