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Building Relationships You Can Count On -- through Individual Coaching


Whether you have just been promoted and realize you need to improve your leadership skills, are faced with a major reorganization that offers new leadership challenges, or simply want to be a better leader, LEAPLeadership Advantage helps you build relationships you can count on.

The LEAPLeadership Advantage Bridging to Others Program contains three steps:

  • CURRENT FACTS – Where You Are: We use the LEAPLeadership Advantage Assessment Program to identify your strengths and understand the gifts you have to give.
  • EYE TO THE FUTURE – Where You Want to Be: Using 1:1 coaching we explore the challenges that are getting in your way and how to get around them. We help you clarify what you most want for your success.
  • SUPPORTING MOMENTUM – How You’ll Get There: Then we get to work and create the strategies that help you achieve your goals and make it happen!

LEAPLeadership Advantage Helps You Effectively Bridge to Others

If you are a natural leader we help you become more effective with less effort. If you are new to leadership or want to enhance your skills, we help you individualize your leadership style and mold it into a powerful approach that will produce tangible results for you. For those of you who are seasoned leaders, we help with some critical enhancements to your skill set that will take you to even higher levels of success.

LEAPLeadership Advantage Steps to Bridging to Others:

Self-Awareness Plus Action

  • Identify What You Have To Offer
    Everyone can lead and we each do it differently. Our first step is to help you learn more about yourself – your strengths and weaknesses so we know what is needed to make you a more successful leader and effective team member.
  • Make the Most of Who You Are
    Once we know what needs to be changed, we set about changing it. We develop a plan of action, set about taking one step at a time to make the changes that increase your ability to communicate with others and inspire them to cooperation.
  • Take Your Leadership Skills to the Next Level
    Whether you are organizing a team, or a large company, or a community project, the LEAPLeadership Bridging to Others program will be tailored to fit your circumstances and your vision. With ongoing support, we help you utilize what you already know and adjust what you do to unprecedented results.

Three levels of individual coaching services:

1.    BASIC – one one-hour coaching session via telephone per month, including between-session developmental assignments and accountability.  Six months minimum.
2.    STERLING – “FAST TRACK” – two one-hour coaching sessions via telephone per month, including between-session developmental assignments and accountability; email access between calls.  Four months minimum.
3.    PREMIERE – initial one-on-one in-person session, then two one-hour coaching sessions via telephone per month, including between-session developmental assignments and accountability; full email and phone access between sessions. Sustaining follow up sessions (one-half hour per month) for six months following coaching program.  Six months minimum.

Specialized coaching programs are also designed for clients.  Depending on your goals and needs, other services may be added to the work.  Examples of other optional services are:  self-assessment instruments and interpretation in a range of areas, or the administration of multi-rater assessments.

The LEAPLeadership Advantage Bridging to Others Program isn’t Therapy or Consulting

Therapy goes into depth about many issues, often dealing with the past.
Consulting generally results in giving clients answers.
COACHING is action-oriented.
COACHING focuses primarily on the present and future.
COACHING enables clients to determine their own “answers”.

“You did an excellent job of honoring my need to process my anger. I appreciate your persistence in helping me recognize that the anger was not helpful. That made a great change for me.”

“What I appreciated most was how you helped me learn to use the appropriate words to strengthen my relationships with others.”

In Our Coaching Sessions We Will:

  • Share information as we discuss distinctions, principles, and perspectives, and encourage you to set goals that you truly want
  • Provide structure as we help you focus in order to produce results more quickly, ask you to do more than you may have done on your own, expect you to do your best and serve you by being unconditionally constructive
  • Individualize your training by giving specialized instruction, providing you with the tools, support, and structure to accomplish more and walking you through your growth process

What You Can Expect of Me during Our Coaching Relationship:

  • Confidentiality
  • Availability
  • Prompt Communication
  • Commitment and Integrity
  • Nonjudgmental Attitude
  • Tenacity about Your Progress

What You Can Expect Of Yourself And The Coaching Experience:

It is up to you: to let me know the results that you want.
It is up to me: to help you plan the steps to take you to those results.
It is up to us: to make sure the steps are taken, your progress continues and your momentum is supported.

“More leaders now routinely deal with significant ambiguity, disruptive changes and pressures to perform in an increasingly global and diverse context. They are asked to be both strategic decision makers and masters of the soft skills required to effectively manage people.” - Schlosser, Steinbrenner, Kumata, and Hunt, 2006 study


  • U.S. Navy Flag Officers
  • Innovex
  • Christ Church U.S.A.
  • American Institute of Architects
  • United Bank of Africa
  • Noblis
  • …and many more

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For more information about my coaching practices, please read "Interview with Rita"

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“Outstanding insight into using my results
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