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What the new EZine-Newsletter Means to Me

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With the release of this first issue of News from LEAP Leadership Advantage – at last --  I’m officially shaking off the doldrums of the long, hot summer.  It’s time to get back to work, to do new things, to launch out in different directions!

I’ve had an eventful summer.  Have you?  Making new connections with both new and cherished clients, networking with a host of new colleagues, working on stimulating programs and coaching great folks to greater heights.  It’s all good, very good indeed.

The continued interest in learning and development coming from you and your organizations, despite the economy’s languor, keeps me busy and optimistic.  (More about optimism in the next issue.)  I believe that it is time to INVEST -- invest in our own futures, in our employees, in our success and in the success of our organizations.  I hope that you agree with me on the value of taking a LEAP of faith in times like these.

I did.  Over the last few months I have followed my instincts into some new areas.  With a “LEAP, and the net will appear” mentality, how could I not?  I have invested in new skills that will further engage my clients in their growth, development and success.  I’m intrigued by neuroleadership,  so I’m following the work of David Rock and others.  I’ll never lose my fascination with how people interact within the systems we call organizations, so I engaged in more training with Barry Oshry.  My research continues on generational differences.  You’ll be hearing more about all of these topics in future issues, and I’ll be learning until the day I die.  Isn’t there so very much new and engaging out there for us?

If you haven’t visited the rest of our new LEAP Leadership Advantage web site lately, take a spin over there soon.  It’s all new and worth a view.  I am thankful to the brilliant Keven Menager of Rocketbuilt Web Development for its fresh look, the new logo and this ezine design.  I highly recommend Keven in every regard!

See you all next issue!

Until then, LEAP to your own greatness!

Rita Hummel Crowe

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