Clients & Testimonials


Since 1999, we have coached and trained thousands of leaders and teams in over 100 organizations worldwide.  A partial client listing includes:

American Institute of Architects
Blue Cross-Blue Shield of North Carolina
Boral Industries
Christ Church U.S.A.
D.C. National Guard
General Dynamics
General Motors
Houston Coaches Association
Key Risk Management Services
Maryland Department of the Environment
McKinsey and Company
Mettiki Coal

National Capitol Visitors Center
National Security Agency (NSA)
Navy Flag Officers
New York Stock Exchange Euronext
Saks Fifth Avenue
Smithsonian Institution
United Bank of Africa
United States Postal Service (USPS)
Washington Metro Transit Authority (WMATA)


"Thank you for a dynamic experience. Your approach really allowed us to be us.  Whether it was someone sharing an experience with the group, allowing the group to have some fun and joke around or answering our questions as you set up the next program, you let us share and ask questions at what seemed like our pace.  I learned so many helpful things about myself and had an absolutely fantastic time with my colleagues. This program and you are both excellent."  - Director, major regional insurance company.


"I was given the job of uniting a team that had been formed after several mergers.  The members are geographically dispersed, had not worked together in the past, and were demoralized by multiple rounds of downsizing over a period of several years.  My goal was to get the team working together, to energize them to strive to meet their potentials.

"Rita worked with me beforehand to understand what challenges we faced, and what I was looking to achieve.  We were able to fly in the entire team for 3 days.  Rita came in for one full day, and worked with the team using Michael Bungay Stanier's  Do More Great Work methodology to get them to start thinking about what IS great work, both as individuals and as a team, and how to achieve more if it.

"At the end of the day, each team member was starting to show signs of thinking about how they could take charge of their jobs, rather than being victims, and a set of shared values that could be used to form the vision of what kind of team they want to be.

Since our session, I've seen real dividends within my team.  I find them working together more, and spontaneously, and they've "taken the ball" to build their own vision statement with minimal input or urging from me.  They are also clearly fired up at the idea of setting themselves team objectives, in addition to regular project work, to make their jobs more like they would like them to be, and improve their standing in the organization on the way.

Based on my experience, I would recommend Rita's team coaching for a team of contributors that need to push themselves to the next level to really meet their potential." - Director, major financial trading organization.


"Coaching with Rita Hummel Crowe has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. As part of our coaching relationship, I gained the tools to generate a non-holiday bonus in a workplace where that outcome was previously unheard of. I also received positive feedback from a truculent director, and learned to manage difficult conversations--even when speaking to senior leaders--based on my objectives, rather than simply reacting to theirs. She also empowered me to manage the communication in personal relationships, where I previously had a tendency to over-nurture at the expense of completing my own projects. Rita's personable demeanor, coupled with her depth of experience in best leadership practices, allowed me to entrust both my career development and personal challenges to her stellar coaching guidance." - Cinda Gaskin, Associate Director, Marketing and Communications, Christ Church.


"When I look at how my life has changed in the past year I am in awe. In September 2009  I was presented with one of my angels to help me with my transformation process and her name is Rita Hummel Crowe.  I was so broken then that I remember thinking to myself, 'Who would give away her time as a gift on her Birthday?' Here I am in August 2010 writing about how wonderful my life is.

"Our session began immediately and the assessment was the beginning of what I know now my “new life”.  Rita has not only been my coach but a trustworthy friend; a word I never thought I could use again.  But, thanks to Rita, I can now open not just my mouth but my heart without the anger, resentment or bitterness. She has given me tools to help me with my anger that I continue to apply in my life.  I am eager to see what 2010 will bring thanks to her knowledge, kindness and experience." - Josie Galarza.  Should anyone have any questions, please feel free to contact me as I have so much more to share about my coach and what a blessing she has and continues to be in my life.  I can be reached at: Josie Galarza, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


"You did an excellent job of honoring my need to process my anger.  I appreciate your persistence in helping me recognize that the anger was not helpful.  That made a great change for me."


"What I appreciated most was how you helped me learn to use the appropriate words to strengthen my relationships with others."


"Outstanding insight into using my results to show how I deal and work with others."


"Gave me great ideas on how to improve and make changes."


"I was extremely apprehensive about the session because 'I don't do counselling'.  But I was very comfortable.  I was able to speak honestly with Rita and without restraint."


"Your program Leading in Extraordinary Times was an excellent contribution to our conference last week.  We received many positive reactions to your program - we all got a lot out of it!" - Mike Lewis, Boral Industries, Corporate Vice President, Human Resources.

General Feedback

  • Great effort and fun!
  • Good balance.  A little bit of discussion and a lot of practical exercise.
  • Very good training and fun.
  • This was great and should be done with our senior leaders as well!!
  • This was an excellent way to show us in a “real world” example of leadership – after outside exercise we talked about how it applied, which was key.

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