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As the owner and chief executive officer of LEAP Leadership Advantage LLC, I want to welcome you to our web site.

I work with clients every day to meet new challenges, find no-nonsense ways to address them, and move forward with better clarity and focus.  I’m passionate about your success.  Together we will increase your traction at work… and in your life.

“We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal and then LEAP in the dark to our success.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

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Please feel free to browse our web site and return regularly, as we offer new content and offers on a frequent basis. I hope you find our site to be educational and a valuable resource for you and your team!

Company Profile

LEAP Leadership Advantage LLC is a woman-owned coaching and consulting company.  Our firm specializes in leadership development through executive coaching, customized training and consulting services.

Our staff designs and facilitates group training sessions to develop your employees' skills in these core areas:

  • Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Coaching for Great Work®
  • Building effective teams
  • Change leadership
  • Conflict resolution
  • Group process
  • Customer service
  • Stress management
  • Feedback that works
  • Interpersonal skills training
    • communication
    • problem solving
    • accountability
    • enhanced business relationships

Through our work together you can expect to:

  • Identify What You Have To Offer
    Everyone can lead and we each do it differently. Our first step is to help you learn more about yourself – your strengths and weaknesses so we know what is needed to make you a more successful leader and effective team member.
  • Make the Most of Who You Are
    Once we know what needs to be changed, we set about changing it. We develop a plan of action, set about taking one step at a time to make the changes that increase your effectiveness.  We will help you incorporate some immediate behavioral changes that get results. We will also build approaches for sustained shifts, sometimes small and subtle, that result in big differences in how you are perceived, on the job and in life.
  • Take Your Leadership Skills to the Next Level
    Whether you are organizing a team, or a large company, or a community project, your coaching or training program will be tailored to fit your circumstances and your vision. With ongoing support, you will utilize what you already know and adjust what you do to get unprecedented results.

We work with people who want to make positive changes – in their work and personal lives.  In general, our clients have an important goal to reach or a painful problem to solve.  They come to us because they are ready to consider new directions – and they are willing and ready to work to achieve results.

Over the years our clients mostly fit in one or another of the following categories:

Men and women who are successful AND want to continue to be so.  They are typically dedicated to doing even better – in their careers and in their lives – and recognize that “doing what you’ve always done will get you what you’ve always gotten.”  They know that trying to go it alone is very challenging, seldom successful and frequently lonely.

Most of my clients have been steadily progressing in the leadership pipeline.  As they have risen through the ranks they often are surprised by the mysteriously different expectations placed upon them.  A realization that middle management – and beyond -- is indeed treacherous terrain enters their awareness.


Some clients have received tough feedback about their performance and their potential for derailment if certain behaviors are not addressed.  To the client’s surprise, in some cases, former strengths are now becoming weaknesses as the job expectations shift.  Seldom if ever is it about the technical aspects of their performance or job, but it is often about relationship issues, about getting work done through and with others. The areas of development are often delegation, conflict, stress, setting vision, teamwork with peers, meeting business objectives through people, developing a high-performing team.  I work closely on the practical aspects of emotional intelligence to address these serious derailers.

Many ofour clients are proactively preparing themselves for greater responsibilities in the workplace.  Others are getting ready for career shifts – to new jobs, in new fields, to follow a dream, to enter a different life pattern.
We created the LEAPLeadership Advantage Programs –coaching, consulting and training -- to help each and every client develop critical leadership skills and learn to build relationships you can count on.

Rita Hummel Crowe


Rita Hummel Crowe, M.B.A.

Rita is the president and principal of LEAP Leadership Advantage, and is an Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant who believes in building relationships people can count on through enhanced leadership skills and richer communication. Whether working with teams or individuals, Rita effectively transforms challenges into opportunities.

She uses her 15 years of corporate line management, plus 14 years of leadership experience in nonprofit organizations, to partner with leaders from both arenas in achieving their goals. She knows the unique realities of both corporate and nonprofit environments and designs powerful customized programs to meet organizations’ issues using the best approaches from both worlds.

Rita's career includes management positions with Hewlett-Packard Company, AT&T Communications, Food Marketing Institute, University of Maryland, Center for Creative Leadership and the American Symphony Orchestra League.
Rita's functional roles have included those in financial, asset and education management, information technology, management of international projects, and change leadership. She has held leadership roles dealing with most of the prevailing issues faced by organizations including centralization of functions, increased competition, downsizing, acquisitions, globalization, startups, corporate splits, partnerships and alliances, customer loyalty, call management, performance development and account management.

After nearly ten years in field education management at HP, Rita joined the faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership, where she continues as adjunct faculty and coach.  She also serves as adjunct faculty and coach at the National Leadership Institute at the University of Maryland, University College. She collaborates with Dr. Roger Pearman at Leadership Performance Systems, Inc. on leadership program design and delivery, and conducts assessment certifications with Qualifying.org.
She holds a Master of Business Administration in Finance and Accounting and a Bachelor of Arts in English Education, both from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Professional affiliations:

International Coaching Federation
American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)
Coaching and Emotional Intelligence Expert for the International Association of Women in Transition (IAWIT)
Association for Managers of Innovation (AMI)
National Association of Professional Women
Business and Professional Women’s Club

Non profit experience

Rita has an extensive history of volunteerism.  She has coordinated a women’s crisis hotline, served as a docent for the Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. and served as tour guide, Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Spruce Forest Artisan Village.  Active in local nonprofit organizations, Rita has spearheaded fundraising, coordinated and trained volunteers, and written successful grant proposals.
For more information, please read “Interview with Rita”.

For more information, please read "Interview with Rita".

Roger R PearmanRoger R. Pearman, Ed.D.

Roger is the president and principal of Qualifying.org, Inc. and Leadership Performance Systems, Inc. His company provides customized training programs and individual executive coaching. He has extensively consulted with executives and leaders in government, business, and education in the United States, Canada, and in Europe. Specifically working with entrepreneurial companies, his organization provides training programs that focus on: leadership development and change management, executive team development and team performance, succession planning and talent retention, and leading through company lifecycles and culture development for financial returns.

Formerly a vice president of operations for a financial services company, Roger combines his academic knowledge with leadership experience to provide effective training and coaching. As a senior adjunct trainer, feedback coach, and adjunct research associate with the Center for Creative Leadership, his work includes delivering services to public enrollment and custom programs.

Roger is a noted expert in the area of type preference theory and application in leadership and life.  His publications include: YOU: Being More Effective in Your MBTI Type, The Leadership Advantage, Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness, I’m Not Crazy I’m Just Not You, Introduction to Type and Emotional Intelligence, and Hard-Wired Leadership.

Rob HinshawRob Hinshaw, M.S.

Rob is Director of Consulting and Training for Qualifying.org and Leadership Performance Systems. He earned his Master of Science degree in Counseling and Educational Development from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and his Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He holds his National Certified Counselor (NCC) credential conferred by the National Board for Certified Counselors.

Rob’s experience comes from work in clinical counseling, employee assistance programs and business consulting in the insurance and financial services industries. In addition, he has experience designing and delivering custom training for a broad range of clients in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.

Nelia Garcia YurcisinNelia García Yurcisin, M.S.

Nelia is an executive coach, speaker and trainer.  She is the Founder/President of García Yurcisin Associates, a provider of cross cultural orientation and leadership development to international corporations and individuals.  Nelia has served for over 20 years as a consultant to global corporations and educational institutions delivering programs on cultural orientation and leadership development.

She serves as adjunct faculty and coach at the Center for Creative Leadership and the National Leadership Institute.  In the past, she has served on the adjunct faculties of the University of North Carolina–Greensboro, Guilford College and Greensboro College.  She has been a speaker at conferences and symposiums on a variety of topics including “Leadership without Borders,” “Mexico,” and “Developing Strategies in the Global Markets.”  She also has been the recipient of two grants from the Governor of North Carolina for educational institutes in Spain and in the United States.

As an executive coach, she has had extensive experience in multicultural settings with leaders and their teams in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.  Nelia provides assessment, feedback and coaching for team dynamics and leadership development in both English and Spanish.

She received a Master of Science from Temple University and a Bachelor of Arts from Miami University.  She has also attended Northwestern University, and has a Certificate in Development of International Business from the University of South Carolina.  Nelia is totally bilingual and bicultural. 

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